There have been a number of posts and images showing the Cambox Meca helmet camera on FB over the last few days, a number of the images used have the drivers in Stand 21 racewear, we at Stand 21 Australia do not sell or endorse this product as it does not meet FIA, CAMS/MA standards.

Motorsport Race Gear was established in 2009 by Tony Dunn to initial supply Stand 21 Racewear to the motorsport community and we were known as Stand 21 Australia.

After a number of years we started to add more driver focused Safety equipment including Fire Suppression Systems, Seats and Harnesses, and we changed our name to SpeedMaster supplying competition equipment and safety gear for Road, Track and Motorsport.

Now at Motorsport Race Gear we carry the premium brands of high performance race gear and safety equipment to suit all individuals, competitors and teams in Australia.

Whether you're into Street, Track Days, Circuit Racing, Tarmac or Off-Road Rallying we are passionate about supplying the right product to meet your exacting requirements.