Real Essential seats are made by positioning the driver on a liner filled with micro poly-beads and a slow cure resin. The kits are designed to allow the driver to ensure the optimum seating position is achieved by displacing the beads and resin mix (mix features black pigment to ensure best results) in the liner. Mixing the kit is a straightforward process of using the mixing bottle (included) for optimum results. Curing is achieved by applying a vacuum via an attached valve (using a Vacuum Pump And Hose, available separately), allowing the liner to be formed to the desired profile and shape, which is then maintained throughout the curing process.

Real Essential offers its range of race proven poly-bead seat resin kits with the following:

    Fire retardant material to cover the infill
    Spray adhesive to ensure easier fitment of the material

Although preparation and curing time is longer than 2-part foam, the advantages are well worth it! Users have time to test various seating positions before adding the resin to ensure they achieve the best seating position which can then be replicated once the resin is added and mixed. These seat infills offer increased comfort, safety, and durability.

Each kit comes complete with liner, beads, resin/hardener semkit(s), fireproof material, spray adhesive and instructions.

Watch this video showing the making of a seat for Formula E