The GP-6 PED is very similar to the GP-6 RC, but with a Super Complex Laminate Construction (SCLC) outer shell, and it complies with the FIA 8859-2015 regulations. The clear Performance Enhancing Devices (PED) spoilers offer added stability and resistance against buffeting.

The kit also increases the ventilation by directing more air into the ventilation slots at the front and increasing the venturi exhaust effect at the rear.

Arai PED Kit comes in clear plastic to allow the paint on your helmet to shine through or it can be painted to accent your current helmet theme. Fire resistant lining made of three materials: Carbon Nit ®, Nomex® and Conex® fabrics. Yellow Kevlar® chin strap. Comes with FHR M6 studs.


Large10mm intake and exhaust holes for increased airflow (front vents are closeable)
New shield pivot hardware with redesigned track slider for improved aerodynamics
Wider eye port for increased peripheral vision
New positive shield locking mechanism provides solid shield latching while allowing normal operation
FHR M6 studs
Arai 6 Series 3mm thick visor (not interchangeable with GP-5)

Brand Arai Helmets