Racing Optics SpeedStack 34 series is a stack of 3 laminated tear offs that are 0.4 millimetres thick.

The laminated technology creates a distortion-free optical lens. Eack package contains 4 stacks of 3 laminated tearoffs for a total of 12 tearoffs per pack.

The 0.4mm thick tearoff is most commonly used in all circuit racing applications and has been proven at racing speeds over 200kph!

All styles are available in Clear only, some models now having Perimeter seal


*Multiple removable layers - restores clear visibility instantly

*Patented laminated film stack - provides distortion-free clarity

*Industrial-strength, durable film - enhances driver safety; extends equipment life

*Custom-sized and easy to install - fits and performs on visors of all shapes and sizes

*Perimeter seal or dry stack application - locks out debris and protects lens from scratching

*Adhesive stays with discarded layer - eliminates residue on remaining stack




Genuine GP-7 Series Iridium Visors, with space for Carbon/Zylon visor.

Direct replacement for GP-7SRC and GP-7FRP models.


Available in the following colours;




WARNING: Never use window cleaner, petrol, thinner, or any other solvents or spray-on cleaners on Iridium mirrored visors! 

Use a cleaner specifically formulated for coated lenses. 

Brand Arai Motorsport Helmets
Visor Colours:

GP-7 Visor pivot screw kit. OE T20 Torx Aluminum screws and custom pivot washer plates.

Fits GP-7SRC and GP-7FRP models.

Brand Arai Motorsport Helmets

Genuine GP-7 Series visors, with anti-fog laminated film. 

Fits GP-7SRC & GP-7FRP models.


Available in the following;

Clear, for overcast or low light use

Smoked Tint, blocks a minimal amount of light from getting through

Dark Tint, blocks a maximum amount of light from getting through. *Daylight use only!


Brand Arai Motorsport Helmets
Visor Colours:

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