The Track Fresh TF-3 Inline Filter offers protection at a very affordable price. 

The Inline Filter uses the High Flow Filter (HFF) cartridge. 

The Inline Filter works well on the exit side of popular Cooling Systems such as Coolshirt or F.A.S.T giving the extra protection against CO poisoning.

Brand Track Fresh

The TF-1 uses a 12VDC blower which uses a 3" inlet and should be provided with a 3" NACA duct connection. Most drivers use the left side rear window to mount the NACA duct while mounting the blower on a cross member of the roll cage so that the unit is surrounded by ambient air and not in direct contact with a heat source. The closer that you can mount the unit to the driver the better it is to reduce air flow loss of long lengths of hose.


  1. 3" Inlet must be connected to an outside air source with a 3" ID hose. *Do not use a smaller hose or you risk starving the blower of sufficient incoming air.
  2. 1" Outlet can be connected directly to the drivers helmet or to a helmet cooler. If a helmet cooler is used it must always follow the Track Fresh Blower Unit.
  3. Avoid a High Heat area when positioning the unit due to its plastic construction. The unit should be mounted with driver access in mind.
  4. 12VDC @ about 4 amps is required to power the unit.
  5. The 1" Hose to the drive should be as short as possible for the best air flow.
Brand Track Fresh

MagLock Air helmet side only kit allows different helmets to use the same chassis side MagLock Air system. Perfect for endurance teams and drivers with multiple helmets, the MagLock Air helmet side adapter will save you precious seconds in the pits and move your car to the front.

Whats included:

  • Maglock Air Helmet side
  • Dust Cap
  • Visor Sticker
  • Tool Kit
Brand MagLock Air

The Track Fresh High Filters uses an Electrically Charged Carbon impregnated felt in conjunction with a Low Temperature Catalyst. The "felt" adsorbs noxious fumes and odours from a variety of substances. The Low Temperature Catalyst is made of an Alumina Ceramic Bead that changes Carbon Monoxide molecules into Carbon Dioxide molecules.

Up to 95% CO Protection

Weight: 170 gms

Height : 3.5cm

Diameter: 11cm]

Flow Rate: 15-20 CFM

Place the filter into the unit about 1-2 hours before the event and remove it 1-2 hours after the event. The Track Fresh Filter should always be kept in a zip-lock bag to insure cleanliness when not in use.

Brand Track Fresh

The MagLock Air Kit is the fastest, safest and the best way to connect a fresh air supply hose to your forced air helmet. 

MagLock envisioned a safer, simpler and faster way to attach helmets to their forced air systems, using rare earth magnets that positively lock the air supply hose to your helmet connector, no more zip ties or duct tape, MagLock technology creates a rock solid seal to provide full flow air when connected, and won’t work loose when turning your head when racing, but disconnects easily during a driver change or will only let go when you need it too in an emergency egress. 

Requiring 40Nm of straight pull force to come loose yet only 14Nm of angled force when you want to remove the hose, this air connection is unrivalled. If you need faster driver changes, are over messing around with messy and fiddly hose connections, or want more confidence in your forced air connection MagLock Air is right for you.


  • Made of injection moulded high-impact nylon which stands up to the rigorous environments experienced in professional racing
  • Hose dock to keep your air hose clean and out of the way when not in use
  • Helmet side dust cover to keep your helmet connection free from contaminants
  • Designed in USA
  • Fire resistant
Brand MagLock Air
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