One point prevailed during the design of the Top Fit balaclava: Optimum fitment!

Top Fit Balaclava features exclusive fire resistant fabric that offers a breathable and soft feel with no itching feeling. Two layers in front, brushed inside. Edge to edge extra flat seams, pre-formed nose. 75% Aramid, 25% Viscose.

Technical Info:

    • Made of an exclusive airy fabric offering comfort, protection and softness
    • Helps the perspiration process
    • Get both a small or larger opening from the same balaclava
    • 2 sizes available (54-57 small, >57 large)
    • Hole for drink straw or radio wiring
    • Colour: White & Black
    • FIA Homologation: 8856-2000
Brand Stand 21 Racewear
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P1 Nomex socks are approved to FIA 8856-2000 standard and eligible for all International motorsport.

Flame-retardant underwear is essential for providing the last line of defence in a fire. The extra layer of flame retardant material is an item that no driver should ever have to use, but if you need it, you will be glad you have it.  

* Colour - Black

* Comfort fit Nomex Long Length Socks

* 100% Nomex

* FIA and SFI Approved for Race & Rally


P1 owner, Enrico Glorioso, started his motorsport career in 1971 via Rallying, when he was just 18.

He spent his whole life supplying motorsport teams and drivers with his racewear, from pure amateurs to Formula 1 stars.

It is fair say that in a certain long period, about half of the drivers in the whole world has been dressed (better said, protected) by him including 70% of the Formula 1 grid, most of drivers in the World Rally Championship, Nascar, Indycar etc…


Brand P1 Advanced Racewear
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Developed in collaboration with Dr. Terry Trammell and Ms. Jenny Stewart, technical commissioner in charge of safety in IndyCar

Successfully tested in Indy car, Drag racing and other forms of top-level motorsport

Approved by Ms. Michelle Mouton, Chairman of the F.I.A. Women’s Committee in Motorsports

Contains no metal or plastic underwire likely to cause skin burn 

NOTE: This piece provides another layer of fire protection and not meant as support. Any bra worn should be 100% cotton with NO UNDERWIRE.

Technical Info:

    • 190 g / sq. meter, treated Aramid fabric
    • Sizes: S-M-L-XL
    • Color: natural white
    • SFI 3.3 certified


Brand Stand 21 Racewear
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Rini Driver Cooling System – motor, air, and boat racing can be demanding but with the added physical stress of extreme temperatures, racing becomes increasingly dangerous. RINI’s solution helps reduce temperature issues and allow better physical and mental acuity, decreasing risk.

RINI Technologies PCS-Auto is the smallest, lightest, and most effective Personal Cooling System available today. The PCS-Auto is powered via 12V and employs patented miniature refrigeration technology to continuously chill a flow of water to the Cooling Shirt.

The PCS-Auto miniature cooling technology provides more heat transfer and is more efficient than air cooling or thermoelectric systems.

The system can also be configured in a battery powered, backpack format, to cool the crew members.

Driver Benefits: 

  • No Dry-Ice
  • Mitigates heat stress
  • Reduces dehydration risk
  • Enhances driving effectiveness
  • LightweightContinuous operation
  • High efficiency


  • Cooling: 13°C Vest Temperature
  • Size: 68 x 127 x 159mm
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Power Source: 12V
  • Power Usage: 6 Amp
  • Built for Harsh Environments

As used in Indycar